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Download the FREE activities and see how they can benefit you in your everyday life.

Motivational labels Motivating labels

Let each child select a personal motivating character for their peg and start each day happy. Scroll over the characters and click to select. Type in the child's name.

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Individual Motivator sheet Individual Motivators

A child can use this sheet to select their individual motivator. They can also be cut out and laminated as little tokens for reward boards or behaviour charts.

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Behaviour symbols

'Good sitting', 'good walking' and 'good lining up' symbols can be used as visuals to reinforce positive behaviour.

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View & Print our Sound resource Volume control visual

Use this visual to show the voice level a child needs to use.
Use it to communicate to a class that they are getting too noisy.
A child can use this to communicate if sounds are upsetting them.

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Traffic Lights Resource Asking for help visual

This traffic light visual allows a child to show that they need help with work.
Ideal communication aid for pre verbal children. Also great for those who ask for help too often.

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Download 4 colour coded symbols

These four colour coded symbols are effective when used consistently with many children with severe learning difficulties and autism.

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Download 4 colour coded 'good' symbols

These four colour coded symbols are effective when used consistently with many children with severe learning difficulties and autism.

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Hand-washing visual schedule

Laminate this hand- washing schedule to display above the sink. Point to each step to help your child to visually reference the sequence and achieve independence. Fade your support over time.

These can be so effective with children who are visual learners.

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My Toilet Chart

A Visual wall chart to help monitor and reward good toileting.

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Autism Friendly Certificate
Autism Friendly Certificate

Let everyone know your appreciation of places that are Autism friendly, with this printable certificate.

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Download the SEN Top Ten poster
SEN top TEN poster

Download and print our top ten tips for any SEN environment

Attach to the wall for a constant reminder to yourself and anyone working with you.

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Print the Half Termly Plan
Three Bears Half Term Plan

Print a sample Half term plan for SEN students. Sample shows individual pupils 'A-E', to represent pupils attaining P-scales Literacy: Reading P3(ii) - P8. Select and use what is appropiate to your individual pupils. Monitor weekly progress using tick charts.

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Christmas Story Activities

You can find the Christmas resources & activities after the animated Christmas story. Print masks, worksheets and instructions to build your own cardboard nativity scene.

Open the story and Activities

Download and Print the Matching Cards Activity
Matching Cards Activity 1

Print and laminate and make matching activities for tray tasks, pairs games, snap, odd one out questions, anwering questions (early PECs for non verbal students.) Place on Big Mac or hold up for non verbal students to answer questions or be involved in class discussions.

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Download the Behaviour Chart
Behaviour Chart

Charts can be passed between home/ school and other settings so that there is awareness that behaviour should be consistently good in all environments.

Open and print the PDF file

Contact us for full instruction on how to use.

Download the Weekly Behaviour Chart
Weekly Behaviour Record Chart

Transfer behaviour records from daily charts to weekly charts.
In time, these may reveal patterns in behaviour.

Open and print the PDF file

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