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About Us

Your child will have access
to specialist teaching at

See your child enjoy
learning reading and
communication skills.

Access the individual
education that your child

Be amazed at the
independence and
progress achieved.

Adele & Quentin Devine SEN Assist was created by a SEN teacher and her Designer/Developer husband who met in 1999, while working together with adults with learning difficulties in America.

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Adele Devine

Adele teaches full time in an autism specific school. Her training includes TEACCH, ABA, PECs and intensive interaction. She qualified to teach in 2003 after many years working with special needs children and adults.

"As a teacher it is exhausting constantly reinventing the wheel. I have spent many hours trying to work out what motivates individual ASD students and finding, cutting out and laminating tray tasks.
I wanted to give teachers a functional tool rather than a manual – something they could give a student straight away, see the results and then investigate the theory behind it."

Quentin Devine

Designer, animator and programmer with over 10 years professional experience.

" A few years ago, Adele asked me to make some ICT activities for her class. Soon her colleagues were asking for similar activities for their classes, as the children enjoyed them so much. The tasks were simple but effective. We finally set about making a system to help all teachers and SEN Assist was born. Hopefully the hours we have spent will save hours of teacher time and allow students the individual education they deserve."

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Simple yet brilliant. An instant hit!

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About Us

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