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Customer Testimonials

Hundreds of parents and teachers have used SEN assist products. Their feedback allowed us to develop our software and the methods we use.

Read what they have to say…

Buy 'Life on the Spectrum'
J.M Worgan (Parent and author of 'Life on the Spectrum. The Preschool Years. Getting the Help and Support You Need')

"SEN Assist is a company which makes specialist CD-ROMs for autistic children both at school and at home. The company is run by a husband and wife team, this is a quote taken from Adele on the SEN Assist Blog:

"I'm a special needs teacher at an autism specific school in Surrey. England. I have over a decade of experience helping children with autism play and learn. My training includes TEACCH, Pecs, Intensive interaction and social stories. I co-founded the award winning SEN Assist with my husband Quentin in 2010.Together we create software and resources to help ALL children learn."

I first found out about this wonderful service over a year ago. I was searching for Christmas presents for Tom and was recommended to look at the website by a friend. I was so excited by what I found.

They have six CD-ROM's for sale all based on children's nursery rhymes and stories including ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

The beauty of the website is that you can try out the software before you buy. Tom tried ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and it was an instant hit. You can also download ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ for free. Each CD -ROM is an interactive story book including twenty four activities and comes with printable resources of the story.

Tom finds the software easy to use, as using the mouse requires a 'click' and 'click' movement rather than a 'drop' and 'drag'. This causes less frustration and episodes of anger.

The website itself also has lots of free resources including Christmas story activities and a matching card activity. The SEN Blog is also excellent, giving support and practical advice to parents of autistic children. I urge you to take a look."

Vanessa Whitney (Stepgate School)

" SENassist has been brilliant! Working with autisitic children can become particularly challenging when you know you have spent a lot of time preparing something that the children then spend no time at all with.

The Three Bears has been fabulously motivational for my KS1 group of children; they loved the control of choosing their own character and the knowledge that they could make it move by completing their tasks. The children love to interact with the computer and, as the layout is so clear and concise, they are constantly learning.

Obviously the best part is that it's so easy for the teacher! Children love it - too good to be true!

I was amazed by how much the children enjoyed the story and tasks for many weeks and now look forward to more and more books to follow! The support that SENassist provided with additonal ideas and technical questions was excellent and I thoroughly recommend all they offer to others."

Clare Walker (Portesbery School)

"As a teacher for children who have severe learning difficulties and autism, SENassist is a much needed resource in the classroom. It is easy to use, visually motivating, uses schedule systems and allows teachers to assess difficult concepts such as comprehension with relative ease.

It is both pupil and teacher friendly, simple, yet brilliant. SENassist are a very exciting company and I look forward to buying other products in the future."

Winnie Winters (Vice Principle, Arvalee School)

"I am already impressed by this new software. In special education, it is often difficlut to find appropiate resources for children with a variety of abilities."

Phil Leach ( Head of ICT & Primary, Freemantles School)

"We have been using SEN Assist software for 9 months. Like all good ideas, it takes a simple idea and adapts it for its chosen purpose.

Freemantles School is a specialist provision for Autistic people.
The SEN Assist software has offered a way of accessing young people who have found traditional interventions un-stimulating. It has allowed the teachers working in our lower ability, largely non-verbal classes to teach literacy and independence skills in a fun and motivating way.

Some pupils have been accessing SEN Assist on a daily basis as a version of TEACCH, completing tasks independently for the first time in their academic careers.
There are also several different stories, so interest can be maintained over a long period of time, with a variety of different modes.

The effectiveness of SEN Assist as an educational tool for children with ASD or learning disabilities, is that it can motivate and draw out interest in children who have withdrawn into their own interests and obsessions. One of our prime aims is to teach the young people in our care to be independent and lead as full a life as is possible. The young people at our school using SEN Assist have been exposed to tasks that motivate them to work independently and give them multiple choices to keep them interested."

Kirsty Hodge (Portesbery School)

"I have used Goldilocks and the Three Bears in my class of Year 8 SLD pupils, some of whom also have autism. All pupils found it very motivating - from one pupil who learned to use a switch to hear the next part of the story to my most able pupil who completed Level 4 independently by the end of the half term.

It was fantastic to have a resource that the whole class could access and I based my literacy sessions for the half-term around the program and it's activities. I teach one pupil who would not complete any activity on the computer unless allowed to watch YouTube afterwards. This is the first program she has completed with no extra motivators needed - thank you!"

Mike Williams ( Parent, Henry Tyndale School)

"A very likeable, clear, enthusiastic and expressive voice, with graphics which are appropriate and fun, very child friendly. The interactive stories and games could have huge potential as a SEN learning tool and in the educational field generally. Our autistic son, age 6 years, loves it. Fantastic!"

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Simple yet brilliant. An instant hit!

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