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Autism friendly software

An introduction to SEN assist

Your child will have access
to specialist teaching at

See your child enjoy
learning reading and
communication skills.

Access the individual
education that your child

Be amazed at the
independence and
progress achieved.

- Treatment and education of autistic and related communication handicapped children

The emphasis on individualization means that TEACCH does not distinguish between people with very high skill levels and those with learning disabilities. Strategies used are designed to address the difficulties faced by all people with autism, and be adaptable to whatever style and degree of support is required.

TEACCH methodology is rooted in behavior therapy, more recently combining cognitive elements, guided by theories suggesting that behavior typical of people with autism results from underlying problems in perception and understanding.

The strategies put forward by TEACCH do not work on the behavior directly, but on its underlying reasons, such as lack of understanding of what the person is expected to do or what will happen to them next, and sensory under- or over-stimulation. By addressing communication deficits, the person will be supported to express their needs and feelings by means other than challenging behavior.

Working from the premise that people with autism are predominantly visual learners, intervention strategies are based around physical and visual structure, schedules, work systems and task organisation. Individualised systems aim to address difficulties with communication, organisation, generalisation, concepts, sensory processing, change and relating to others. Whereas some interventions focus on addressing areas of weakness, the TEACCH approach works with existing strengths and emerging skill areas and employs alternative and augmentative communication techniques in a supportive environment.

SEN assist software has a very clear visual structure with a start and finish.
The child will learn to complete the 6 activities independently on the computer and the work system at the side will show how many tasks they have left to complete. Activities are designed to be quick to avoid frustration.

The work system at the side will show how many tasks they have left to complete.

SEN Assist children learn to use the computer as a tool rather than just a fun activity.

The SEN characters can be used for workstation work systems and the resources make motivating subject linked tasks.

" The SEN Assist software has offered a way of accessing young people who have found traditional interventions un-stimulating. It has allowed the teachers working in our lower ability, largely non-verbal classes to teach literacy and independence skills in a fun and motivating way.

Some pupils have been accessing SEN Assist on a daily basis as a version of TEACCH, completing tasks independently for the first time in their academic careers."

Phil Leach (Head of ICT & Primary, Freemantles, Surrey)

Autism Specific Resources

Download the FREE activities and see how they can benefit you in your everyday life.

Hand-washing visual schedule

Laminate this hand- washing schedule to display above the sink. Point to each step to help your child to visually reference the sequence and achieve independence. Fade your support over time.

These can be so effective with children who are visual learners.

Open the PDF file

Download an Autism Friendly Certificate
Autism Friendly Certificate

Let everyone know your appreciation of places that are Autism friendly, with this printable certificate.

Open the PDF file

Download the SEN Top Ten poster
SEN top TEN poster

Download and print our top ten tips for any SEN environment

Attach to the wall for a constant reminder to yourself and anyone working with you.

Open the PDF file

Print the Half Termly Plan
Three Bears Half Term Plan

Print a sample Half term plan for SEN students. Sample shows individual pupils 'A-E', to represent pupils attaining P-scales Literacy: Reading P3(ii) - P8. Select and use what is appropiate to your individual pupils. Monitor weekly progress using tick charts.

Open the Word file

Download and Print the Matching Cards Activity
Matching Cards Activity 1

Print and laminate and make matching activities for tray tasks, pairs games, snap, odd one out questions, anwering questions (early PECs for non verbal students.) Place on Big Mac or hold up for non verbal students to answer questions or be involved in class discussions.

Open the PDF file

Download the Behaviour Chart
Behaviour Chart

Charts can be passed between home/ school and other settings so that there is awareness that behaviour should be consistently good in all environments.

Open and print the PDF file

Contact us for full instruction on how to use.

Download the Weekly Behaviour Chart
Weekly Behaviour Record Chart

Transfer behaviour records from daily charts to weekly charts.
In time, these may reveal patterns in behaviour.

Open and print the PDF file

Download 4 colour coded symbols

These four colour coded symbols are effective when used consistently with many children with severe learning difficulties and autism.

Open the PDF file

Download 4 colour coded 'good' symbols

These four colour coded symbols are effective when used consistently with many children with severe learning difficulties and autism.

Open the PDF file

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